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The house has a wonderful eclectic architecture and colonial floors, with a floor to ceiling height of 6 meters, is similar to a small palace composed of six rooms of 25 square meters and a unique view compared to any other hostel in the city. It is the only colonial hostel in the whole city, right in the Vidal Park of Santa Clara, where visitors from all places, hotels, hostels and guest houses come to this place given the beauty and history of the adjoining buildings of our hostel.

The house has a large terrace where you can see the whole panorama of the city, and the oldest clock in the city. All the attractions of the city are within walking distance of our house, banks and ATMs, decorative arts museums, theater, cinema, nightclubs, all travel agencies and tourist information are only 100 meters from our house, the mausoleum from Che is 2 kilometers from our house, the armored train at 600 meters.



Food & Drinks

Breakfast: USD 5.75

Appetizers: USD 2.30 to 4.60

Lunches: USD 11.5

Dinners: USD 11.5

Tavern: USD 1.15 - 3.45

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Traveling in group?

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1 to 2 people - USD 25.00; 3 staff USD 30.00; 4 people USD 35.00; 5 people USD 40.00 in high season and low season

Other services

Laundry: USD 1.15 - 5.75


Room bar service

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